Network Performance Analysis Solution

nChronos is a network performance analysis solution for high performance & critical enterprise networks.
It combines the nChronos Console with the nChronos Server to deliver the capability of 24×7 continuous packet capturing, unlimited data storage, efficient data mining and in depth traffic analysis solution. nChronos doesn’t rely on SNMP or Netflow but captures 100% of all data captured for real-time analysis as well as historical playback.

  • “Rewind and Replay” any Network Problem
  • Isolate the Cause of the Problem, Application versus Network
  • Capture 100% of Your Network Traffic 24 x 7

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nChronos is designed for monitoring the network traffic in medium and large corporates. It connects to company’s core router or switch and monitors all network traffic, emails and chat sessions inbound and outbound. Also, it provides the ability to monitor abnormal traffic and alert upon detection of “Suspicious Conversations”. Only when network engineers monitor network activities of the entire network at the packet level are they able to identify abnormal network activities and protect their companies from cyber-crime and cyber-attacks.


nChronos can not only alert an Cyber Attack, but also record all packet data. This ability helps network engineers to “rewind” and “replay” the actual network activity when it occurs. Companies have video cameras to monitor who physically enters their business afterhours, now with nChronos network engineers can monitor and record data activity in a similar manner. The time has come where theft of company assets and intellectual property from data streams and network activity is the greater threat. With a relatively minor investment, nChronos provides an insight and deep packet analysis of all network activity.


Help IT Professionals to

  • Retrospectively analyze the historical network traffic.
  • Ability to “Replay” and view a cyber-attack as if it were “real-time”.
  • Ability to monitor, record and save all email communication.
  • Ability to isolate Application Issues from Network Issues
  • Proactive network monitoring and cost-effective network management.
  • Efficient drill-down for data-mining & index.
  • Provide forensics analysis and mitigate security risks.
  • Remote access for distributed LAN/WAN network management.

nChronos provides an enterprise network management platform which enables users to troubleshoot, diagnose and address network security and performance issues. It also allows retrospective network analysis and, as stated by Colasoft, will “provide forensic analysis and mitigate security risks”. Predictably it is a must have for anyone involved with network management and security.

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End User License Agreement

nChronos Console

Provides quick access to all distributed deployed nChronos Servers where packets are stored, it serves as the center of the enterprise network management which is capable of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities, drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues.

nChronos Server

Performs 7×24 real-time packet capturing and continually store to hard disk for quick packets and statistics retrieval. With flexible and non-intrusive deployment with standard network mirror port or link tap technologies, it provides native packets for the Console to go back in time and complete retrospective network analysis.


Statistical Reports

nChronos provides both system and user-defined reports. The System Reports include global reports, traffic reports, protocol distribution reports, application performance and transaction reports, alarm reports and top talkers reports. All reports can be configured to provide actual statistics of the traffic and analysis data in specified time period, as well as the comparison to historical statistics, to thereby provide better references for network administrators. Reports can be sent to specified email recipients. Users can schedule hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Application Performance Analysis

One of the most critical requirements of management tools is the ability to monitor and record detailed application activity. nChronos can define custom application monitoring functions as well as transaction monitoring based on the application data. Then the custom application and transactions capability of nChronos enables the network administrator to view the detailed traffic status and statistics of the application or the transactions.

Real-time Network Monitoring

nChronos offers real-time network statistics, including total bytes, total packets, bandwidth utilization, top IP talkers and top application talkers. With the Real-time statistics, network administrators can instantly understand the current pattern of the network. For example, when the network gets slow, network administrators can log on to nChronos right away and see which hosts are the top talkers, and what applications are consuming the most bandwidth.

24×7 Real-time Network Traffic Capturing and Recording

nChronos offers real-time capturing, analyzing, and storing sustained traffic at Gigabit line rates for all data flows and packets. nChronos also provides scalable extensive storage capacity varies from 1TB to unlimited storage to meet the customizable network requirements and assure the long-term traffic storage for critical links.

Retrospectively Analyze Historical Traffic

nChronos can fast retrieve the traffic packets at any time period (real-time or retrospective), and simultaneously drill down for data-mining and full analysis. nChronos helps network users to quickly pinpoint, analyze, and resolve network and application problems, detect the attacks and threats, efficiently and in-depth analyze the network activities. By back-in-time network analysis, nChronos can efficiently solve the network interruption issues.

Benchmark and Visualize Trends of Network Performance

Based on the long-term network traffic capture and analysis data, nChronos visualizes the statistics in trend charts to help IT stuff establish baseline for the entire network, and get hold of the trend of the network operations in long-term running, identify and pinpoint network problems, acquire the evidence for decision-making on network policies, and reinforce the overall technical level for network management as well as the ability to solve network issues.

Critical Links Monitoring & Alerting

nChronos offers visualized entire network traffic monitoring. By long-term traffic monitoring and visualizing network critical links behaviors and network traffic patterns, nChronos helps users to create a network baseline, setup online triggered alerts for network events for warning and preventing network outrages. With nChronos, there will be no critical events missed on critical links.

Efficient Drill-down for Data-mining & Index

nChronos provides efficient data retrieving and drilling down over any time period for hours, days, or weeks with accurate time stamp. It offers complete access to application level traffic flows, network statistics and data links information across all seven OSI layers level. This powerful framework can greatly reduces the time of identifying root-cause and resolving the problem.

In-depth Network Analysis for Performance Optimization

nChronos offers powerful ability for application-oriented analysis. The various Analysis Profiles include High-performance Analysis, Full Analysis, HTTP Analysis, high-level FTP Analysis, Email Analysis, DNS Analysis, etc., helping IT professionals to conduct in-depth network analysis with less MRRT (Mean Time to Repair) and optimize the entire network performance so as to increase enterprise network productivity.

What’s New in nChronos 5

HTTP Packet Reconstruction

HTTP Packet Reconstruction

 Colasoft nChronos 5 provides an HTTP packets reconstruction functionality, which is capable of reconstructing a complete webpage that an endpoint visits. Simply select the time range that you are interested in, select an IP address and click “Reconstruct HTTP Packets”, then nChronos shows the web pages that the IP visit during that time range, including URL, client and server IP, and access time. Click a desired URL, the window shows the related page and original codes. You can also select the application “Web” and right-click “Reconstruct HTTP Packets”, and then all pages visited in that time range will be displayed.

Packet Replay Link

Packet Replay Link

 Colasoft nChronos 5 provides packet replay link, with which you can set up analysis rules to analyze packet files. The replay link has exact the same function as a normal capture link, including bandwidth settings, alarms, name tables, segment settings, etc. The packet file can be trace files from nChronos Server or from local folders saved by other programs, such as Colasoft Capsa and Wireshark.

Quick Decode with Expert Analyzer

Quick Decode with Expert Analyzer

 Sometimes we need to see the proof details to define the root cause when there is abnormality on the network, especially when we need to define the problem which is related to network or to application. With nChronos 5, you can view the packet details very quickly, without opening the complete Expert analyzer. Just select the interested traffic and click “Decode Packets”, you can load Expert Analyzer to decode packets down to protocol fields.

VXLAN Analysis

VXLAN Analysis

 Colasoft nChronos 5 supports VXLAN analysis. Users can define virtual interfaces based on VXLAN ID. The data from different VXLAN channels can be analyzed as from a network link. A VXLAN view is provided to display VXLAN statistics, including VXLAN ID, traffic information, TCP packet data, etc. Users can drill a VXLAN item down to application and IP address.

Convert Statistics to Graph

Convert Statistics to Graph

 Colasoft nChronos provides lots of statistics, which are displayed on the statistical views. Now, you can convert the statistics to a graph by some clicks. Just click the Generate Graph icon on the toolbar, all the data are displayed in a top chart. You can modify top number and sample field for the chart. You can show the chart as pie chart or column chart, and you can save the chart to local. To convert the chart back to statistics, just click the button again.

WYSIWYG Report from Statistical View

WYSIWYG Report from Statistical View

 With earlier versions, to generate a report, you need to go to the Reports window and to choose the desired report modules. But now, with nChronos 5, you can generate a WYSIWYG report. The data on all statistical views can be generated as reports. To have a WYSIWYG report, just click the Generate Report icon on the toolbar and choose the interested fields. For WYSIWYG reports, you still can set the report time, compare the report data with historical data, and send the report to any email recipients.

Statistics between Network Segments

Statistics between Network Segments

 Networks contain various subnets. Usually we call a subnet as a network segment. With nChronos, you can define a network segment based on an IP, several IPs, or a subnet. The communication traffic between those network segments can be calculated. Colasoft nChronos 5 provides a Statistics Between Segments view to display the communication between two segments. With that view, just by a glance you can know which applications and protocols are running between segments. You can furthermore drill the communication down to IP conversation and TCP conversation.

Advanced Filter View

Advanced Filter View

 With numerous data on the statistical views, it is not easy to see the one that you are interested in. Colasoft nChronos 5 provides an advanced filter, which enables you to generate a new view based on the existing view via logically combining lots of filter conditions. The newly generated filter view provides all the functions that the original view provides, including drilldown, analyzing with Expert Analyzer, generating graph, generating report, downloading packets, etc. You can even generate another filter view based on the existing filter view. The generated filter views will be auto-saved on nChronos Console when you close Console.

What’s New in nChronos 4.3

Service Port Monitor

Service Port Monitor

 nChronos 4.3 provides a Port view and a Service Access view to monitor and analyze service ports. The Port view calculates the statistics based on IP address + TCP/UDP service port. Together with the sorting function of nChronos, you can easily know which service ports are running on the network, and running for which IPs. The Port view further provides other information about the service port, including the application, the uplink and downlink traffic, the service access time, access times, etc. The Service Access view calculates the statistics based on server and client IPs, port number and applications. It provides the access details for each service port. You can drill a service port down to a specific service access session.

VLAN and VPN Virtual Link Support

VLAN and VPN Virtual Link Support

 nChronos 4.3 provides support for virtual links, including VLAN and MPLS VPN. You can add virtual interfaces and set up network links based on the virtual interfaces. There is a VLAN view, which displays traffic statistics based on VLAN ID. An MPLS VPN view is also provided to display traffic statistics based on MPLS VPN label. Together with the name table function of nChronos, you can add names for VLANs and MPLS VPNs.

Millisecond Analysis

Millisecond Analysis

 Millisecond analysis provides traffic analysis accurate to one millisecond. It is important for users who care about transient traffic burst. Colasoft nChronos 4.3 provides millisecond traffic statistics and millisecond traffic alarm. Users can define any millisecond traffic alarm according to the need. The Millisecond Analysis window displays the millisecond traffic statistics trend charts in real-time.

Multi-Segment Analysis

Multi-Segment Analysis

 Sometimes the responses from large websites are very slow, and to find out the system bottleneck for the websites, it is necessary to analyze each link of the websites. Colasoft nChronos 4.3 provides a multi-segment analysis function, which associates and correlates the data of the same conversation collected on two or more network segments, and displays graphical performance analysis results, like packet loss, delay, retransmission, etc., thus providing visibility into the areas where bottlenecks may occur. A Multi-Segment Analysis window has a timeline pane to show the traffic trends of monitored links. When a conversation is analyzed, the conversations on other segments will be picked up and analyzed automatically.

Multi-Segment Analysis

 A Multi-Segment Detail Analysis window shows the detailed analysis results and visualizes the conversation flow across multiple segments. When clicking and hovering a packet, correlated packets will be highlighted, the time difference between the packets will be displayed, and the packet view will show the in-depth decoding information for that packet.

Storage Filter

Storage Filter

 nChronos 4.3 provides Storage Filter for users to store packets that match the filer rules. You can define the filter rules based on IP/MAC address, port number, protocol type, packet size, etc., and only packets matching the rules will be stored. Besides the filter rules, Storage Filter provides a functionality to truncate the stored packet to a specified size. With Storage Filter, you can store interested packets, and even store only the first few bytes of interested packets. It saves storage space, and helps you avoid from policy problems in some environment.

nChronos Standard Technical Specifications

Maximum logical links: 4

Capture interfaces: 8

Analysis performance: Up to 20,000 Mbps

Type of media supported:

  • 10/100/1000/10000 Base-T
  • 10000 Base-SX/LX/ZX

Storage capacity: Depends on hard disk space

Support TAP: Yes

Concurrent connections to server: 2

Note: To have an analysis performance of 20,000 Mbps, professional capture cards are necessary.

System Requirements for nChronos Server

The following table lists the minimum system requirements for nChronos Server to have an analysis performance of 2,000Mbps.

Operating system: CentOS 6.6

CPU: Enterprise-level CPU, 4-core, 3.0GHz

RAM: 16GB (32GB, enterprise-level ECC recommended)

IO/storage: The following table lists the minimum system requirements for nChronos Server to have an analysis performance of 2,000Mbps.

Capture interface: Independent Intel 1,000Mbps network adapter (Intel chip 82576 recommended)

Management interface: 1,000Mbps network adapter


System Requirements for nChronos Console

Operating system:

  • Windows XP (SP3 or later)/Vista/7/8
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

CPU: Dual-core processor (4-core processor recommended)

RAM: 4GB or above

HD space: 100GB (1TB recommended)

Management interface: Independent network adapter

Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher


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